Round and round it goes

19 July 2016

With a new Ministry now sworn in, the National Party has increased its representation, while two previous Assistant Ministers were casualties of a gruelling election campaign. Among them Wyatt Roy who failed to win the Queensland electorate of Longman, and is now succeeded as Assistant Minister for Innovation by Craig Laundy.

Greg Hunt - the new Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science - commenced his role with a visit at Questacon, which he wants to be seen as a message "that science matters, that innovation matters, that the National Innovation and Science Agenda is fundamental not just to the future but to now".

This certainly rings true as far as it concerns the success of his Ministry - after all, implementing the Agenda will be his core responsibility.

But the mantra of stability and continuity, so central to the Coalition's election sloganeering, appears not to have been a guiding principle in dealing with the innovation/science space.

Minister Hunt is the third in a row since Labour's Kim Carr had his impressive six year ministerial stint terminated by the voting public in 2013.

Christopher Pyne, the previous Innovation and Minister, just had enough time to push out an Innovation Agenda, and already he is off again to a new role as Minister for Defence Industry - his prime responsibility will now be the implementation of the Government's Defence Industry Plan. It's a big job, having to oversee initial phase of the construction of 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels, up to 21 Pacific Patrol Boats, and nine Future Frigates as part of a $89 billion commitment for the Navy over the next 20 years. Of course, much of it will happen in his own state, South Australia, which will have been a prime motivator in the move to the new portfolio.

Other new appointments in the innovation space include:

Remaining in previous roles are:
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