Going for growth

image: wikipedia under CC BY-SA 3.0
22 July 2016

METS Ignited, the industry-led growth centre for the Australian mining equipment, technology and services sector (METS) has completed a first draft of a Sector Competitiveness Plan. It aims to address growth barriers and to strengthen Australia's position as a global hub for mining.

Prepared with input from Austmine, CSIRO and the Queensland Government, the plan targets five broad key programme areas – brand, alignment, global competitiveness, collaboration, and skills.

In the shadows of its big brother, the mining industry, the METS is often less recognised as a contributor to the Australian economy. A 2013 survey by Austmine put the sector's worth at $90 billion, including $15 billion in exports, and it is employing twice the number of people as the mining industry.

The development of the 10 year strategy aims to lift its domestic and global profile and to further strengthen its innovative capacity, including through establishing clusters of research and industry capabilities.

METS Ignited is also working towards a shared vision for the sector that emphasises the value of innovation and collaboration for future growth.

At completion the plan will comprise two key components:

More information: www.metsignited.org