Great expectations

19 November 2016

As it strifes to become the world's premier public research organisation within a decade, CSIRO is expected to perform science for the public good, and at the same time to lead the translation of the generated knowledge into tangible and innovative outcomes.

The Government expects CSIRO to direct its research towards areas of immediate and critical importance to Australia, including:

A new Statement of Expectations released by Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Greg Hunt set out that CSIRO will focus its research on areas of immediate and critical importance to Australia. These include the National Science and Research Priorities and other sector specific priorities, including Industry Knowledge Priorities of the Industry Growth Centres (see insert).

To achieve this, the Government intends to increase the level of staffing and overall funding of CSIRO from currently $1.35 billion to $1.47 billion over the next four years.

The former Environment Minister also emphasised that he expects CSIRO to "lead the continued development of climate change science, mitigation and adaptation research, including decadal forecasting by the Climate Science Centre".

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