Proliferating targets

Dividing lung cancer cells Image NIH
12 December 2016

With $10.39 million awarded to 28 projects in its 2016 funding round the Cancer Australia's Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS) has now invested more than $110 million into cancer research projects.

Since 2007, the annual PdCCRS funding rounds deliver three-year cancer research projects grants, as well as one-to-two-year grants for projects from young researchers.

The projects are meant to be collaborative, outcome and impact focussed. And they should also include consumer participation in the research, from design to implementation.

The scheme's overarching objective is to coordinate cancer research funding at the national level by bringing together government and non-government funding partners.

The 28 projects selected in the 2016 funding round range from research into reprogramming the microenevironment of pancreatic cancer that could improve their treatment to new behavioural techniques that could help pregnant Indigenous women quit smoking.

The funded projects are:

Funding partners in the 2016 round include

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