In and out

18 January 2017

Arthur Sinodinow has been appointed new Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science. He will replace Greg Hunt, who will take on the Health and Sport portfolio.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that Mr Sinodinos' extensive public policy experience would give him a strong understanding of the key drivers of newsources of economic growth.

The ministerial reshuffle was triggered by the resignation of Sussan Ley as Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sports over issues relating to travel expenses.

Mr Sinodinos is the fourth federal Minister overseeing federal Industry, Innovation and Science policy since 2013.

Editorial comment:

by GERD Winter

Every now and then a change of ministers can be invigorating, but one may sincerely hope that the lifespan of Arthur Sinodinos as the head of the Industry, Innovation and Science portfolio will exceed that of his recent predecessors.

Since 2013 we’ve had Greg Hunt, Christopher Pyne, Ian Macfarlane and now Arthur Sinodinos - it's hard to keep track who's on and who's off the carousel.

Australia's innovation system is in dire need of long-term vision, and the Prime Minister has repeatedly expressed the view that science and innovation will be vital for Australia's future. Given that, the lack of continuity at the ministry level is disturbing.

So, good luck to Mr Sinodinos and, above all, a longer stint in the job please!"

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